Catering consultancy and training for museums, historic houses and visitor attractions

Welcome to the new website for Julie Cullen

Catering Consultant and Trainer

specialising in the Museum and Heritage sectors

A day out at a visitor attraction is not complete without using the catering facility, whether a coffee kiosk, museum café or restaurant. often the catering offer and service will give the visitor the lasting impression of their day out.

A well managed café will give healthy profit margins and a real feel-good factor. It can increase footfall and can compliment the exhibits and museum as a whole.

However, if not managed well the café can ruin a visit and give the whole establishment a poor reputation. Long queues, poor quality food and service and dirty trays can be real issues, often compounded with high labour costs and poor profit margins.

We have helped many clients in the Museum and Heritage Sector to generate and maintain a healthy profit, deliver excellent customer service and develop exciting yet simple menus with distinctive products.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to develop your existing or new catering facility and achieve excellent results.

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